My Big Adventure

Magic starts here

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A magical place, capable of conjuring up wonderful experiences where imagination and fantasy rein.

Ana Calvo

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A dreamer with a HUGE imagination and heaps of energy and enthusiasm. A loving child at heart with a passion for life. Ana was just the person for this special project.

How wonderful it is to write about how this dream began one February afternoon, and which has now become a reality! But just who would have thought that an afternoon cuppa with some fellow mums would lead to all this? It was that very February afternoon when my ideas to create somewhere different, enchanted and inspiring for all the family started to spring to life. A place that would make up for the lack of child leisure options in the centre of Alicante and a place which would bring many pieces together, just like a mandarin

Although starting a new business seemed crazy at the time, now I firmly believe more than ever that a place like Mandarina Garden makes perfect sense. It’s always been about children being children: enjoying their happiest years surrounded by fantasy and excitement. This is what our kids deserve.

Mandarina’s aim is to be a safe haven of peace and tranquillity. A nursery for new ideas and creative alternatives that help us to live happier and keep the magic alive for our children.