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Slow Cafe is a welcoming place where you can feel at home and where you can eat at home. Parents can drop by and enjoy a daily break away from the stress and strain of having kids, setting aside some ‘me time’ and sampling some healthy Mandarina food. Just as much as we want the little ones to enjoy their experience at our magical playroom BabyResort®, it’s very important for the grown ups to relax and have some quality time of their own.

All our products are homemade made by Mandarina garden. Our menu varies depending on the seasonal products. In addition, you can customize them to adapt to your tastes and make them more yours than ever!

Besides that we love coworking and we encourage it thanks to the whole set of our services. Do you need your own office to work while we take care of your kids? All this is possible with our alternative in early childhood education with the Morning Montessori.

Parents have two options:

For those who want to take a break and chill out after a hard day at work or an exercise class, or just feel like some downtime, you’re welcome to come and disconnect. If you’re looking for a place to meet friends, or just hang out on your own, count on the Slow Cafe to be just your cup of tea.

For those who are on the go, there’s no need to give up eating healthily, so why not try the Mandarina Take Away? Call us, order your food and collect it when you’re ready - bon appetit!

Mandarina Delivery

We bring you all the best of Mandarina home

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Now many of our own and homemade pastry products available for us to take home with you.

But the best comes with the Mandarina surprise boxes ! We have for all tastes and colors. If you are sweet, you cannot miss the surprise boxes of: Donuts, Pink Panther, Kit-Kat, fruit and chocolate . If you are salty we also have options with: cheeses, cold meats, snacks...

Make your orders by clicking on your Mandarina center:


Mandarina garden Delivery. Homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes to enjoy at home with contactless delivery
Mandarina garden Delivery. Super original Donut boxes. For true donut fans, kit-kat, Pink Panther ...
Mandarina garden Delivery. Fruit and candy boxes to give away, share, enjoy, fall in love ...
Mandarina garden Delivery. Boxes or salty tables to share or to give a big surprise

A healthier Menu

And also for the little ones

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Mandarina's collaboration with Juan Llorca means a new breakthrough in Mandarina's cuisine, in line with its values. Our initiative "tries to test children's ability to discover and accept new ones" flavors, incorporating healthy ingredients into their diet, always in the context of fun. " The results of the experience are surprising for the parents themselves, generating debate about the way we feed our children and the need to work on the stimuli to achieve results.

Homemade hummus, oatmeal pancakes and carob tarts with natural fruit are just some of the discoveries that children have applauded at Mandarina Garden since Juan Llorca accepted the challenge of designing a healthier menu and birthday menu.

A small step in the great change needed in the way we feed children.

Do you want to know more about the collaboration with Juan Llorca?

Packs for authentic fans

Lunches, brunches & healthy snacks

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Now you can enjoy the best lunches or brunch before lunch for a very special price.
Special offer - Brunch Pack: Salty Snack / Bagel + Drink / Smoothie

And in the evenings you have no excuse to make the best Mandarina garden plans. With the snack pack plus BabyResort you can enjoy more with a pack for authentic fans.
Special offer - Healthy snack pack + 1 hour of BabyResort

Pack special offer Brunch in Mandarina garden
Special offer snack and free playtime pack at BabyResort

Have a look

Breakfasts, coffee, crepes, milkshakes, bagels...

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Enjoy the best time of the day with a daily fresh breakfast that can go from the most typical and classic to the most current and healthy.

If you want a different breakfast choose between all our options, we have a thousand combinations! Smoothies, freshly baked bread and different seeds, pancakes, crepes, smoothies, bowls ...

A lot of choices to start the day in a different way!

Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Mandarina garden SlowCafé
Logo Mandarina Take Away

For those who do not have much time and need everything done and fast to continue ... Mandarina Take Away. Do not give up homemade products at home, in the park or taking a walk. Call, reserve your menu, collect it at the desired time and... eat!

Mandarina eco friendly

A new form of consumption and family leisure is possible

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Mandarina garden respects the environment and joins the challenge "Reduce + Reuse + Recycle". We intend to prevent, control and minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.

We have removed all the plastic straws , our sips are edible and ecologically biodegradable 

We do not use single-use plastic tableware , our party plates and cutlery are made from fiber from sugarcane 100% biodegradable and compostable material.

All our waste is separated and recycled in the corresponding container.

It is company policy "Do not throw food" all that is left over we give it to take away.

Our packaging "take away" and napkins are 100% recycled paper and free of chemical dyes.

Eco-friendly standards of Mandarina garden
Mandarina garden business policy for environmental sustainability

Enjoy the best family café in Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Daimiel, Panamá y Vigo

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