Coffee and the best plans with children

Where imagination lives!

Mandarina garden is the largest of the Mandarina group focused on a place of reference in children's and family leisure. A place specially designed for everyone (adults and children) to enjoy the Mandarina experience.

Discover all the segments of Mandarina garden, on the one hand we have our coffee room; relax for moms & daddies and on the other our BabyResort, our magical and children's playroom for the enjoyment of the little ones. And it is here Precisely where our slogan was born, 'Where the imagination lives'... games, daily workshops and of course, ideal for celebrating birthday parties! Discover the new birthday themes (also at home!)

Do not miss anything and make them enjoy themselves in the world of Mandarina garden!

All this at Alicante, Barakaldo, Castro, Daimiel, Panamá y Vigo

Quality children's leisure

Discover all about Mandarina garden

Planes con niños en tu ciudad

The secret of Mandarina garden? Although you do not realize, the most important thing is you. Each of our fans, children, moms, daddies, teens ... because we see you every day as if you were at home.

Much to discover about Mandarina garden:

Birthday parties: If you want to celebrate an original and fun birthday like the ones of a lifetime, your site is Mandarina garden.

MandarinaCafé: Enjoy a unique and original coffee Mandarina while the kids enjoy

BabyResort®: Where imagination lives! It is the magical playroom of Mandarina garden, always with a monitor and where we promote traditional values in a modern concept.

Mornings Montessori: Every morning from Monday to Friday we are the great alternative to early childhood education centers. A friendly place with small groups and at home.

Creative workshops: A place where we love the natural and the handmade, where we encourage creativity and cooperation.

Co-Growing: Mandarina garden becomes your office every morning and with the best care for your kids.